SunSense One - Digital UV Tracker


SunSense One - Digital UV Tracker
SunSense One - Digital UV Tracker
SunSense One - Digital UV Tracker
SunSense One - Digital UV Tracker

SunSense One - Digital UV Tracker

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Your Personal Sun Protection Assistant

SunSense One is an innovative, digital, easy-to-use UV tracker.

Perfect for everyone who wants to prevent sunburns in a highly effective and easy manner. 

How it works

Step 1: Find out what your skin type is, with the help of the included skin type table.

Step 2: Based on your skin type and the sunscreen factor you prefer using, you can then determine your maximum UV dose number via the included UV dose table. The max UV dose is the maximum amount of accumulated UV radiation your skin tolerates before getting burned.

Step 3: Clip SunSense One at the most sun-exposed area of your body (i.e.: t-shirt collar, bathing shorts pocket, bikini top, etc.) such that the sensor eye is directed as much as possible towards the sun.

Step 4: Check from time to time your UV dose. Getting close to your maximum UV dose? Then it´s time to get out of the sun, otherwise, you´re risking getting burned. 

It doesn´t get more simple to avoid sunburns.

  • - Real-time monitoring of UV exposure (UVA and UVB) via innovative UV sensor technology
  • - High accuracy and reliability
  • - Compact and discreet
  • - Durable clip-on for wearability
  • - UVI (sun strength) bar indicator
  • - Paper-based skin type test & personal max UV dose table
  • - 1m/3ft waterproof
  • - LCD screen
  • - Up to 3-year battery life
  • - CR2032 battery
  • - Size: 2,4cm x 0,7cm