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We need the sun - it's a source of many good things - happy moods, good mental health, vitamin D, and much more! But too much sun can cause accelerated ageing and wrinkles, and in worst case, skin cancer. With a wearable sensor from SunSense, you monitor your received UV dose in real time throughout the day, and the app will tell you if you need to use sunscreen, or seek shade. Reap the benefits of the sun safely!

SunSense sensor on iPhone

Small and robust

Bring the robust SunSense UV sensor with you on your summer adventures. The replaceable battery will last for years, and the robust aluminium sensor easily clips onto a t-shirt, cap, bikini, wrist band, necklace, or anywhere else you wish.

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  • Enjoy the sun carefree

    Based on your skin type, SunSense will measure your UV exposure in real time, and show your received dose in the app, or display. If you use sunscreen, the SPF is entered into the app, and your carefree time in the sun is extended accordingly.

  • Recommended by dermatologists

    Dermatologist at Haukeland University Hospital, Dr. Kåre S. Tveit, believes SunSense is a very useful tool for preventing accelerated ageing, wrinkling and skin cancer.

  • Developed and manufactured in Norway

    SunSense is a Norwegian product which is currently used in stringent testing of new medical drugs and health care products in Europe and the USA.

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Avoid sunburn this summer!

Smart sun control

Use the SunSense app both with and without a UV sensor. The app's UV warning and sundial can help you plan your day in the sun, so you can avoid getting sunburned!

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