Smart and smarter

The SunSense UV sensor comes in two different versions, stand-alone version with display, and one with Bluetooth connection and mobile app.

Eliminate doubt! Get notified when you have had too much sun.


SunSense One

Robust, small and light. Monitor your UV exposure in real time on the sensor's screen.

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SunSense Pro

Small and solid UV sensor with app. Get notifications when you have reached your maximum UV dose, and recommendations on sun protection, right on your mobile.

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Say hello to your new companion

SunSense UV sensor gives you personalized sun protection through innovative technology

Customize your experience in the app

  • Find your skin type and get personalized advice
  • Get alerts when you've reached your maximum UV dose to prevent sunburn
  • Get sunblock factor recommendations and reminders to reapply
  • Get information about when you should cover yourself or retreat into the shade
  • Get weather and UV alerts

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Lady using SunSense One applying sunscreen
  • Enjoy the sun carefree

    SunSense pro gives you sunscreen recommendations based on your skin type and actual sun exposure.

  • Developed and manufactured in Norway

    SunSense UV sensors are Norwegian products which help reduce the risk of skin cancer, accelerated ageing and wrinkling.

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