SunSense products and technology

SunSense products and technology

Imagine having a personal sun protection assistant telling you how and when to best protect yourself and get the most of your sun exposure when you need it?

SunSense puts you in control of your sun exposure in a reliable and easy way. It shows how much sun you get regardless of the season, cloud cover, altitude, ozone holes, time or geographic location.

It includes personalised sunscreen recommendations and dynamic alerts and reminders to help you control your individual sun exposure and make your time in the sun both safer and more enjoyable.

Our products offer state-of-the-art UVA and UVB measurement technology and calibrated accuracy. They are designed for everyday use and all activities: going to the beach, working in the garden, hiking, skiing, boating, or just going outside because you want or need to.

With the SunSense ONE, you can quickly read your accumulated sun exposure on the display, and UVI (sun strength) bar indicator.

Quick and easy paper-based skin type test & personal max UV dose table.

Waterproof, with up to 3-year battery life and replaceable CR2032 battery.

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The SunSense PRO connects to the SunSense app on your phone for more advanced options.

Status-LED (green - yellow - red) for a quick check of exposure.

Waterproof, with up to 3-year battery life and replaceable CR2032 battery.

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SunSense SCIENTIFIC offers a new and totally customizable technology platform for data-sensitive use cases like research projects and clinical trials.

This includes tailored solutions for hardware tuning, case-specific algorithms, calibration and testing procedures, and data management solutions.

Specifications available upon request.


High quality and accurate UV sensor technology

SunSense uses only components that have been tested and adapted to our strict standards.


Long Battery Life

Replaceable battery lasting for up to 3 years.


Wearable, Clip Design 

Comfortable wear to fit your lifestyle.


With the SunSense app, you also have the best tool for managing your sun exposure available:

  • Find your skin type to give you the best, personalized sun exposure advice.

  • Get notifications when you reached your max UV Dose in order to prevent sunburns.

  • Get sunscreen factor recommendations and re-application reminders.

  • Get information about when to wear protective clothing, and when to stay in the shade.

  • Plan your day in the sun.

  • Weather and UV forecast.