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SunSense Pro - Bluetooth UV sensor

SunSense Pro - Bluetooth UV sensor

Bluetooth UV sensor

Small and solid UV sensor with app. Get notifications when you have reached your maximum UV dose, and recommendations on sun protection, right on your mobile.

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Product description

Prevent sunburn, which causes 90% of skin cancer and triggers premature skin ageing and wrinkling. Clip it on any clothing, weighs only 7 grams.

SunSense Pro is a Bluetooth UV sensor measuring your received UV dose. The free SunSense app will show your dose in real time, corrected for your personal skin profile, and automatically warn you at different levels. The real time UV index is also shown.

Very helpful for people with sun-related skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Lupus, Sun Eczema, Atopic Eczema.


• Real-time monitoring of UV exposure (UVA and UVB)
• High accuracy and reliability
• Bluetooth-enabled
• Compact and discreet
• Durable clip-on for wearability
• Status-LED (green - yellow - red) for a quick check of exposure without a smartphone
• Free SunSense App included. Features include:
◦ Find your skin type to give you the best, personalized sun exposure advice
◦ Get notifications when you reached your Max UV Dose in order to prevent sunburns.
◦ Get sunscreen factor recommendations and re-application reminders
◦ Get information about when to wear a hat, sunglasses, UV-protective clothing, and when to stay in the shadow
◦ Plan your day in the sun
◦ Check the weather and UV forecast


• Up to 3-year battery life
• Replaceable CR2032 battery
• Size: 2,4cm x 0,7cm

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